Every part of me: mission statement

Last year, I ran a series called Every Part of Me, which documented the coming out stories of various LGBTQIA+ students and teachers at CHS. By the spring, it had died down: I had reservations about the idea of having a queer-based series.

It was my worst fear that efforts to cover the LGBTQIA+ would impact readers negatively. I worried it would influence them to see queerness not as a small part of a big and complex person, but as the entire identity of whoever’s story I told; that readers would assume every non-straight person should have to come out and should have to do so in a certain way; and that my focus on queerness would ultimately make LGBTQIA+ people seem more abnormal or out of the ordinary.

But, I am resurrecting this series.

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I cannot control the way my readers take in the articles I write, but I can control the stories I choose to tell. It is completely normal to be LGBTQIA+, but it is not always treated as such; I hope that the more I share stories like these, the more normalized queerness will become.